Outdoor Sofa Buying Guide: What To Look For When You Shop

Finding the perfect outdoor sofa comes down to more than just good looks. In the age of ever-changing trends, you want timeless pieces that add something special to your outdoor space.

Here at Caesar Hardware, we know what takes an outdoor sofa from a simple piece of furniture to something you can’t stop raving to your neighbors about. And we’d love to pass our knowledge on to you!

We’ve compiled a list of the key features to look for when shopping for your new outdoor couch so you can find the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

But first, let’s take a look at the different types of outdoor furniture on the market so you know exactly what you need.

Types Of Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Coffee Tables

Light wood outdoor sofa with cream cushions

A must-have for all outdoor spaces, coffee tables are not only stylish but also functional and versatile. In smaller spaces, they serve as a staple piece for enjoying meals and drinks in lieu of a large dining table.

In larger spaces where different zones have been established, they’re perfect for creating a warm, conversational atmosphere where your guests have somewhere to put their drinks (and you can show off your incredible styling skills, of course!).

Interested in the style and functionality an outdoor coffee table can bring to your space? Take a look at our new coffee tables.

Made exclusively from the highest-quality teak wood in the world, our sophisticated coffee tables fit in with any style seamlessly.

Outdoor Armchairs And Loveseats

At CH, we don’t discriminate — we know that not everyone has an abundance of outdoor areas to work with. So we created our armchairs and loveseats just for your warm, cozy space!

Two outdoor chairs and small table with wine and bread

Easily arranged to suit small patios and balconies, these pieces are specially designed for small backyards, rooftops, patios, and decks to offer comfort and style at a fraction of the size of a sofa or sectional.

Outdoor Sectionals

Speaking of sectionals, this furniture option should be your go-to if you’re the proud owner of a large outdoor space with plenty of room to fill.

Sectionals are created in separate pieces that can be assembled in multiple configurations, so no matter the shape of your outdoor space, a sectional will suit your needs.

CH’s range of sectionals — from 4 seaters to 8 seaters with size options in-between — makes shopping for this statement piece a total breeze. The only difficult choice you face is between wicker or rattan (we don’t envy that decision — they’re both beautiful!).

Outdoor Sofas

outdoor sofa next to a glass crystal fire pit

For versatility combined with timeless style, look no further than the outdoor sofa. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and materials, so finding one to suit your needs is simple.

At Caesar Hardware, all our outdoor sofas are designed with functionality in mind  — we’re so much more than just a pretty face.

However, not all outdoor couches are created equal. Follow our tips below to find the sofa of your dreams!

6 Things To Look For In Your New Outdoor Sofa

1) Quality Craftsmanship

Our number one recommendation when it comes to shopping for your new outdoor sofa is to look for quality craftsmanship. Skimp on this aspect and you could find yourself needing a new outdoor couch just months down the road.

Find out how your potential new sofa is made. What materials is it made from, and how long is it expected to last?

CH outdoor sofas, sectionals, armchairs, and loveseats are made from all-weather wicker or hard-wearing teak, depending on your style preference.

Our wicker pieces are handwoven and made from 99+ recycled plastic bottles, and our teak furniture is made using the highest quality teak wood in the world. Everything we make is waterproof, UV resistant, and hardwearing, so you can live your best life outdoors, worry-free!

With warranties of five years on our cushions and fabrics and up to 10 years for sofa legs and frames, you can rest assured you’re choosing unmatched quality with CH.

2) Durability

Built-in OuterShell™ being used for outdoor couch

Durability should be high on your outdoor couch pre-purchase checklist. There’s no use in paying good money for a product that’s just OK — you deserve quality!

Firstly, check that your potential purchase is purpose-built for the outdoors (meaning it’s not just a regular couch that you’ll be using outside).

Next, think about the weather conditions where you live and how your furniture will be protected.

We like to use the term “life-proof.” From rust-proof legs to rot-proof teak and hard-wearing, all-weather wicker, every aspect of our furniture is built with the outdoors in mind.

When it comes to durability, we mean business. Need extra protection? Our all-weather covers have got you, well, covered! Tailored to fit whichever CH sofa you’ve purchased, each cover zips snugly over your furniture to keep it protected during extra-harsh weather conditions.

3) Comfort

Making sure your new outdoor couch is comfortable seems like a no-brainer, right? You’d be surprised how many buyers choose looks over comfort. We say, why decide? Let’s have both.

CHr’s multi-layer memory foam cushion offers luxurious comfort typically found in premium mattresses. Our cushion fabric is a solution-dyed yarn that’s as soft as it is durable, built to withstand mold, mildew, and stains.

You can feel our fabric for yourself by ordering some of our free swatches.

Our risk-free at-home trial will ensure your new outdoor couch is the simplest purchase you ever make. This gives you a chance to fall in love with your new sofa and make sure it lives up to your comfort expectations.

And if you have any questions about what it’s like living with an CH outdoor couch, you can hear from real CH customers about the comfort of the couch through our Virtual Neighborhood Showrooms.

4) Cleaning Simplicity

Family kids playing cards on outdoor sofa

Let’s face it — despite our best efforts, furniture gets dirty. Dogs get muddy paws on our rugs, kids get crumbs between seat cushions, and when you add in a dash of red wine spillage, you have a real mess on your hands!

Your outdoor sofa is meant to be enjoyed, so it should be easy to clean — it’s as simple as that.

During your search for your new outdoor sofa, take a close look at the materials used in manufacturing, particularly fabrics. These are the most-used part of your outdoor couch and can wear down the fastest.

CH’s life-proof fabrics allow you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor sofa and less time worrying about getting it dirty. Our fabric is hand-sewn and resistant to anything you throw at it — from harsh weather conditions and UV rays to bleach and mold.

We recommend cleaning your outdoor couch at the beginning and end of each season, as well as after entertaining guests. This ensures that your sofa is fresh and looking as good as new whenever you’re ready to use it.

5) Sustainability

This aspect can be a little harder to find in outdoor sofas, and we’re proud to make a difference with sustainable furniture at CH.

When we started creating the world’s most comfortable, durable, and innovative outdoor furniture, we always knew we wanted it to be sustainable, too. Because why not help out the planet if we can?

From our 30% recycled all-weather wicker to our sustainably sourced teak, we’re shaking up the outdoor sofa game and reducing our carbon footprint all at the same time.

Our wicker furniture is made from environmentally responsible plastic molded from recycled bottles, which means you can actually recycle your outdoor couch.

Our teak is sourced from a farm in Central Java, Indonesia. For each tree we harvest, the farm plants three more in its place.

This isn’t your parents’ furniture — it’s the feel-good, eco-friendly version we’ve all been waiting for.

6) Timeless Style

Timeless style outdoor sofa and fire pit

We know looks aren’t everything, but let’s be honest — we all want outdoor furniture that brings warmth and luxury to our spaces!

The key is to opt for timeless pieces that will serve you and your family for years to come, no matter how the trends change. You want pieces that will survive the test of time, and we delivered.

CH outdoor sofas are made using neutral tones (like Pacific Fog Grey and Palisades Cream) that pair seamlessly with accessories, so you can experiment and style your outdoor sofa with different colors and fabrics to suit your taste.

Live Better Outside With An Baner Garden Outdoor Sofa

Woman serving up summer snacks near her outdoor sofa

And there you have it — a comprehensive checklist of what to look for when shopping for your new outdoor sofa!

Remember to look beyond style and ensure you’re considering all aspects of what makes an outdoor couch the right choice, from quality craftsmanship to durability.

Infinitely modular, eco-friendly, and sophisticatedly good-looking, Baner Garden’s Outdoor Sofa has it all. From our Wicker Outdoor Sofas to our Wicker Outdoor Sectionals, we’ve crafted our outdoor couches with you in mind so you can live better, outside.

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